City of Centron, Capitol of Durenmar on the content of Calondyr

Welcome to Calondyr.

Calondyr is a land across a vast sea. It is the proverbial new world, discovered less than three centuries ago by the legendary explorer Jules de la Wrenzel. Colonization was swift, for the homelands was a terrible place to live, overpopulated, with rampant poverty and crime. Many noble families opted to flee their homelands and risk the hazardous journey across the seas. The Emperor instituted a county palatinate, an area ruled by a hereditary nobleman enjoying special authority and autonomy from the rest of the empire. King Osric settled the lands and has ruled over them ever since, and sent his annual obligatory payments across the seas, along with reports to the Emperor. That was over 200 years ago. Osric’s heirs had continued the tradition until the Emperor stopped sending ships to collect his payments. No response has come in over 6o years, and the latest of Osric’s heirs, King Feznick Regence II has been hoarding the tithes due to the Emperor. He has become lax and no longer employes scribes to prepare the reports or even log the palatinate’s histories. Feznik’s advisors insist that a voyage would be in order, but the king insists there is no need to spend the money required to build a fleet of ships.

There will be more to come.

This is a new campaign in a very old world (I designed it in the early 1980’s), and I am reimagining it for our 5e campaign.


Calondyr Imperiled

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